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Marvelous Mandarin is a Chinese language and culture academy dedicated to bridging the gap between East and West. It has been our passion, over the years, to share our language and culture with students from many different backgrounds and now we hope you can be a part of this great experience right here in Austin, Texas!

All our programs have been carefully designed to help you learn fast and effectively while maintaining the element of fun and allowing enough flexibility to cater to your specific needs and learning pace.

Whether you're a businessman who often travels to the East, a fluent Mandarin speaker who wants to learn to write Chinese or simply someone who wants to learn another language as a hobby, we have the perfect course for you. We also offer exciting, fun-filled courses for children.
Director Selma Lan M.Ed.

Selma Lan is the founder and director of Marvelous Mandarin (汉雅学圃).

Selma was born in the Chinese city of Yichang on the Yangtze River bank to a traditional Chinese family with a journalist/writer father and news broadcaster mother.

At age 21, Selma obtained a Bachelor's Degree of Arts from one of China's top universities for language studies with a major in linguistics and a minor in journalism (broadcasting and hosting). A couple years later she was awarded a Master's Degree of Education. She also holds the Certificate of Putonghua (Mandarin) proficiency Level A1 (a qualification Chinese TV anchors must have) and an Advanced Teacher's Certificate from Trinity College London. While in university she would often work as a hostess for bilingual shows and ceremonies held by foreign consulates and the local Chinese press.

Selma's passion and dedication for teaching has transformed the lives of hundreds of students over the past 7 years. She has taught Chinese to westerners as well as English to Chinese students (including some of China's national Olympic teams) with immense success and awards of recognition.

Lindsay Jin

Lindsay Jin is from Beijing, China. She has dedicated herself to quality Chinese language education for over a decade. After graduating with a Master’s degree from East China Normal University majoring in Teaching Chinese as a Second/Foreign Language, she spent four years training foreigners of all ages in Shanghai. Later, she taught Chinese subjects in a national exemplary high school in Beijing for 7 years. Having a very solid Chinese language and culture background as well as a lot of experience, her lessons are always very popular. It’s an honor to have Lindsay serve as assistant director and curriculum developer at Marvelous Mandarin.

Jia Bei

Jia Bei came from Shanghai and has been living in the US with her husband and 6 year old son for 10 years. Although she studied engineering and has worked as an engineer before, she has always had a passion for teaching which she inherited from her mother who was a middle school teacher. Shortly after moving to Austin 3 years ago she began following that passion and teaching Chinese to children of all ages.

Mrs. Pan is a proud mom of her bilingual son. She believes that all children at a young age are language learning geniuses. Her unique Rhyming-Singing-Sign language teaching method makes her class fun and popular. We are thrilled to have her as our teacher at Marvelous Mandarin.
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Great immersion program for kids! We recently moved to Austin and a search for Chinese immersion programs on google was not very fruitful. Luckily, the few results that came up brought my attention to Marvelous Mandarin. They have a wonderful (and affordable) summer immersion program. My daughter was in one of their 3 week programs and abacus math. Ms. Lan and her staff makes the program fun and interactive. I found my daughter singing and speaking in Mandarin at home, a feat considering I can barely get her to speak her other languages at home. There was no question that she would also be enrolled in their fall program.
- Isabella G. (mother of 10 y.o. Raquel)

Mrs. Lan is just one of the best. I have a seven year old daughter that goes to school at Wells Branch Elementary and attends Mrs. Lan's after-school immersion program. Not only is my daughter learning the language but she is immersed in the culture.
- Laurie C. (mother of 7 y.o. Kennedy)

My son attended a couple of classes so far and I have to say that I am very impressed by them. I am a Chinese, so I am very picky about Chinese programs out there. This one is by far the best one I have encountered.
- Aileen L. (mother of 5 y.o. Matthew)

Lu Lu is my daughter in the video“Marvelous Students”, and she only began in late August, 2011! She has been able to learn so much this school year, I can't imagine her being anywhere else. Thanks Ms. Lan!
- Nakeenya H. (mother of 9 y.o. Celeste)

Our three year-old son is a Little Panda in Ms. Lan's class. Laoshi Lan is patient with all the children and uses a lot of songs, games, and props to keep the attention of the little ones. She also creates recordings that my son begs to hear at bedtime and in the car. I worried that he couldn't learn Mandarin at such a young age with only one hour per week of instruction but we catch him teaching words to his trucks and dolls so I know it is sticking!
- Natalie L. (mother of 3 y.o. Evan)

I recommend Marvelous Mandarin and Selma Lan to anyone who desires to learn Mandarin and Chinese culture in a comfortable and fun atmosphere. She’s an excellent teacher who’s able to customize her classes based on your own personal goals. Thanks to Selma, I am learning and speaking conversational Mandarin in preparation of bringing my son home from China! She’s a highly educated professional with a great and willing heart to help. I want my son and I to expand our Chinese language skills with Selma. She’s wonderful with adults and children alike!
- Bonnie L. (adult student)