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"Marvelous Mandarin" is a 

Chinese language and culture training company


Nĭ Hăo !

Study at any level, from beginner
to expert  



Custom designed lessons for

students at any level.

Lessons are flexibly arranged in different formats to cater to each unique level and target. Helping you learn fast and effectively is the goal!

Custom made
multimedia material makes learning fun and easy 


"I wrote my first audio book called "Conversational Chinese Complete " and have use the set of material for mostly of my adult students. The students enjoy the audio lessons on the go! I also created hundreds of Chinese cartoon videos for young students to practice with."

--- Selma




Professional service ranging from translation, on-site interpretation,Chinese culture consultation,etc.

We value projects of all size

and types.

Professional services from real experts who understand what you want 


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