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We teach business people practical Mandarin!


With the exuberant growth of the high-tech industry in Austin, Texas businessmen in town

start to realize that they need to learn a foreign language urgently. This language is Mandarin Chinese. They travel to China and other Mandarin-speaking countries for business on a regular basis. Some of them even relocate to China with their families. Selma and her team have taught hundreds of businessmen including global leaders from many IT company in town,such as Dell, Apple, National Instrument,Intel,Texas Instrument, Silicon Laboratory,IBM, Oracle, Cadence,Lenovo,etc. Since 2012, besides offering lessons to individual businessmen, Marvelous Mandarin has started to provide group corporate training to employees at local companies,usually during lunch hours. The words has got out that those pracical and effective lessons are a must-have for all businessmen doing business in China today!


We help you understand the Chinese culture!
As one of the most ancient civilization, China has its very unique, profound and traditional culture. Based on that, Chinese business etiquette can be very different from the western.
To help business people udnerstand the Chinese culture and thrive from it.
"Chinese Culture & Business Etiquette" is a great training program for them.
We hold presentations and workshops for regular training and special events at your company. A Chinese chef and an Oriental style relaxtion therapist will be onsite together with our trainers for some specil events to maximize your experience of the Chinese culture.



Clients  of  Marvelous Mandarin

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