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Bilingual Services By Selma 

Mandarin and English Bilingual Event MC:

Selma stands out as a dynamic bilingual Master of Ceremonies, proficient in Mandarin and English. With her engaging presence and extensive experience in hosting events, she ensures a lively and culturally sensitive atmosphere, making your occasions memorable.


Simultaneous Interpretation Services (Financial Industry Focus):

Selma's years of experience working with an expert network in the financial industry uniquely position her as an expert in providing simultaneous interpretation services. She excels in translating complex financial discussions seamlessly between Mandarin and English, ensuring accurate communication between analysts and industry experts.

Bilingual Content Creation for Social Media:

Leveraging her linguistic skills, Selma specializes in crafting compelling and culturally relevant content for social media platforms in both Mandarin and English. Whether it's creating engaging posts, videos, or promotional material, Selma tailors content to resonate with diverse audiences.

Selma's collaboration with Seattle-based real estate company Flyhomes involved creating Mandarin content and storytelling, significantly contributing to the successful promotion of the Texas market.

Cross-Cultural Marketing Strategies:

Selma offers insights into cross-cultural marketing strategies, combining her understanding of language nuances with marketing expertise to create impactful campaigns that resonate with both Mandarin and English-speaking audiences.

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